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Revive Mask

This mask does it all. Rich in vitamins essential to healthy skin, this creamy, emollient-rich product was designed to improve regeneration and naturally brighten your complexion. While the multi-vitamins go to work restoring your skin’s health, natural plant extracts boost your skin’s moisture level, oxygen uptake and reduce visible signs of aging. Treats dark spots and wrinkles. Safe on all skin types.

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Renew Mask

Concocted this revitalizing mask from the ground up – literally. Volcanic mud is rich in natural minerals, including magnesium, iron, calcium, and sodium. It works wonders as a treatment for dull, tired skin. Its potent composition is a triple threat – while it cleanses your skin, it draws out any impurities and renews firmness and elasticity to the skin’s surface. Treats Dull complexion, enlarged pores, and acne. Safe on all skin types.

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A fierce concentration of essential vitamins comes together in this refreshing serum to make your skin smooth, soft and radiant. A powerful combination of vitamins A, C and E work with essential minerals and oils to restore your skin’s natural tone, retain moisture and regain radiance. Its smooth, even finish is an added bonus. Treats dark spots, redness, and dull complexion. Safe on all skin types.

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Bid adieu to your red dots and scars with our spot clearing gel. Aloe vera reduces inflammation and dark spots while tea tree oil dries out unwanted red bumps. Meanwhile, glycolic acid steps in to exfoliate and rejuvenate, and lactic acid works to prevent future breakouts. As an added bonus, the gel reduces shine, gives skin a smooth finish and quickens recovery time. Treats acne, dark spots, and scaring. Safe on all skin types.

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Take your skin back to the freshness and radiance of youth with our powerful brightening serum. High concentrations of vitamin C (20%), E and A neutralize free radicals before they damage healthy skin cells. Fresh natural lemon and orange oils join the team by inhibiting pigment to freshen complexion. Together, these powerhouse ingredients improve natural collagen and elastin production to reduce fine lines, age spots and discoloration. This serum is perfect for anyone looking to reverse the signs of aging and restore a natural glow. Treats dark spots, redness, and dull complexion.

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